Birthday Bash

Posted by on July 27, 2005 in general thoughts | 88 comments


Right then… I’d be honoured if you’d join me for a few birthday drinks n tunes in the VIP bar @ Slinky on Aug 19th…

DJ’s on the night playing House Classics n stuff:

  • Chris Bailey (flights permitting!)
  • Dan Neale (Hidden Rhythm and all round top geezer)
  • me!
  • and… Tim Lyall!

It’s Slinky Classics so should be some good main room tuneage too!

Add as many names below as you need, using the comment thing… for discounted entry (on the VIP side – no queueing) and a VIP writsband so you can get into the VIP bar and mingle with the celebs… well, me anyway 😀

***PLEASE put full names in the comment, ta.***


  1. Simone Akrami + Giles

  2. count us in for this please add fucked again and angie baby

    real names dave griffiths and angie mitchell

  3. gonna partner ken for the eve and meet everyone possible

  4. could you put

    martin pearce
    mike fisher
    carl watson

    on please mate


  5. Emily Barnard
    Emma O’Neil

  6. Hey Luke, may as well make my last weekend in Bournemouth a good one so count me in too!! Sam Bernard x

  7. put me down please luke!!


  8. Steve Richardson – AKA Steve Southcoast!!
    Put me down if you would mate, cheers.
    Will the Scandinavian lady be coming that arrived when i stayed at yours and matt’s flat the other week??!!

    Cheers mate


  9. could you please add me – amy hurst, and paul hanczuk please! cheers hun!
    this is going to be a wicked night

  10. Can you add another, Kate Small x

  11. Michelle Reynolds
    Jenny Ward
    Jessica Friend

  12. Please count us in too….

    Stefan Charles (It’s my birthday too)
    Luke Bird (My best friend)
    Terry Smallman (My flatmate)
    Richard Ive (My driver)

    We’ll join you for a birthday beer, and you can help us celebrate my 25th, See you there.

  13. ….and tom Scott & Irene Chadwick pleeeeeeeeease!

  14. hello mate…. not been down for a while but could you add David leslie, lee harris, craig harris, tricia farley and dan lea please would be good to buy you a drink or 2 for your birthday!

  15. Tim Crawshaw + Clem Parsons 😀
    Wayne Age
    Dave Lawrence

  16. James Oldham

  17. Ok now my crazy cousin and his friends have joined the party.

    Mark Kight
    Dave Hunt
    Edward Walker
    Nick Rowe

    Merci Monsieur


  18. Lee Robinson

  19. tim cameron, mayswell join the vip’s???

  20. Russell Perfect & Jeanette Milane

  21. & the crazy carlie O’niell wants to come too. You are a popular little boy luke. Will there be a bouncy castle?

  22. Hey honey, can I have 3 please..

    Sarah Anderson
    Kelly Matthews
    Clem Haines

    See ya Friday? xx

  23. Hi Luke.

    Please stick me on the VIP list for this Friday

    Paul Nash.

    Cheers fella. See you there.

    PS – Is MR Bailey gonna make it back?

  24. Hello Fella, can you put Andy McColl on list please.

    So thats Stevie Cripps and Andy McColl



  25. Hi dude,

    Hope its ok for me and a couple mates to come along!

    Mark Stockdale (me)
    Steven Ball
    Shawn Corrigan

    cheers!! will buy you a drink or ten! 😀

  26. hiya luke,

    could you add my name – Jillian Paine & Justin Miles to the guest list please? we’ll be down with ken & look forward to seeing you to celebrate your birthday!!!



  27. Hey – will be my first time so come say hello! short brunette with pink in hair!

    Cheers Becky aka Briggsie

  28. Tanya and Cleo will be adding as much life and soul to your party as we can muster! xx

  29. JC and Niki are arriving together – will be there ASAP! 😉

  30. Tanya Whitaker
    Niki Galliford
    Mark Gover

    Just checkin you’re all on there guys! xx

  31. Count me in!
    Bryony Seal and
    Susan Tsng
    Thank you please

  32. Yo yo yo!!! Out to celebrate Lukeys birthday!!!!!!

  33. happy birthday!

  34. happy birthday!

  35. could you please add bercky briggs,ash wllis and emma stevens to the consession list thank you.

  36. Hey Luke, many happy returns, hope you can add me on to the list!

  37. Hey Luke,
    Please could you add….Shaz Young, Justin Christie, Chris Young and Dan Kemp to the consessions list.
    Thanks…. x

  38. Yes please – happy birthday!
    Pete Kruppa