I’m soooo done with facebook, I give up trying to upoad pics…

so to see my camp bestival ones, go here

to see my recent adventures in Jersey – animals, wedding, shopping, site seeing, 4 wheel bikes, gnome throwing contests… go here

for pictures from my cousins wedding go to this album

other interesting random pictures that I feel I need to share:

Erm… I’d just call it a tree, maybe?

tree or aviary

the amount of fat from an average pack of sausages…

sausage fat

thats all for tonight, I went surfing earlier so I need sleep now… ciao!

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another random weekend

another random weekend

My weekends tend to involve a few key ingredients…

1) A crazy night out – Stealth vs Rescued (JoJo from Bugged out was good) – CHECK

the girlsme n lucy

2) Good Food – Yo! Sushi AND… “the cheesecake shop” hmmmm… food on a conveyor belt, winner… we bought 1/4 of Mango continental cheesecake (the proper sloppier kind – my favourite), Chocolate Berry baked cheesecake (yum) and blueberry baked cheesecake.

3) Animals! Decided to go for a walk to wollaton (I think) park… on the day the RSPCA had a dog show!!! Hahaha… saw some gorgeous dogs (I want one), the highlight had to be owners taking their dogs through the agility course, hysterical… most had to be dragged/coaxed/pushed through all the obstacles… some just kinda ran crazily.

rspca dog show thingagility coursedogs

On this occasion though, I merged a couple of these together… Lucy’s flatmates hamster Aristotle was awake when we got in – eeeee I want one!!!

aristotle and mearistotle and a drunk me

Full pictures here

Oooh I almost forgot, I had Magic Corn – BBQ flavour… erm… basically sweet corn.. in a cup with a bit of butter and a flavouring, shaken (a la cocktail) and eaten on the go… keraaaazzeeee

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