Birthday Bash

Posted by on July 27, 2005 in general thoughts | 88 comments


Right then… I’d be honoured if you’d join me for a few birthday drinks n tunes in the VIP bar @ Slinky on Aug 19th…

DJ’s on the night playing House Classics n stuff:

  • Chris Bailey (flights permitting!)
  • Dan Neale (Hidden Rhythm and all round top geezer)
  • me!
  • and… Tim Lyall!

It’s Slinky Classics so should be some good main room tuneage too!

Add as many names below as you need, using the comment thing… for discounted entry (on the VIP side – no queueing) and a VIP writsband so you can get into the VIP bar and mingle with the celebs… well, me anyway 😀

***PLEASE put full names in the comment, ta.***


  1. Count me in fella!

  2. yes please … i’ll be there anyway … this will be fantastic … i’ll buy you a beer 😀 xx

  3. Count us in too…

    Mike Fisher & Louisa Parker

  4. Matt Davies

  5. I shall do my best to be there, count me in

  6. Count me n Baker in for it mate

    EDIT: Simon Melaniphy + Sarah Baker

  7. How did you do that flash slinky thing on the top? Clever clogs!!

  8. yes pls! we’re in mr w, domino n bella!

  9. i never did listen much at school – “always read the WHOLE question”…

    so that would be dominic old & kelly barnes… thank you…

  10. Be wude not too 😉 !!! Stuart ‘Weatherman’ Parnell1

  11. Meeee and Jon too please. x

    EDIT Clare Matthew + Jon Picklepants

  12. He he. Oops sorry, just noticed the full names bit! Try Jon Anderson (not that he wouldn’t love people calling him Picklepants!)

  13. Can I have three?

    Lee Henderson
    Kate Mitchell
    Stuart Willison

    We might even be able to coerce a Mr L. Vinyl out. After all it is only a stones throw from LV Towers!

  14. count me in!

    Sara Aldridge

  15. David Jowsey and dragging a friend along (Iain Poulson) along to pop his Slilnky cherry.

    Really got to get over to see Matty some time, hope your looking after him well 😉 :p

  16. Rebecca Terry
    Nathalie Barnett
    Jethro Watson

  17. Will Nevill 😀

  18. Me (Katie Harper) and DjDk (Dave King!) and Mef (Martin Jarvis)

    Really looking forward to this night, its gonna rock!! 😀

  19. Alright yah bitch!!

    The boys and I will attend this awesome occasion. All the old boys and a few new faces 🙂

    My goodself
    Lee Houseago
    Gaz Lawton
    Mark Pynen
    Steve Johnson
    Brian Ellarby

  20. Me too never like to miss a birthday Bash! Nicky Hall

  21. And me mate

  22. And me

  23. Hey Luke

    Can you put the following names on the VIP list for classics night?

    Carl Henderson
    Kim Swart
    Sam Swart
    Ian McCarthy
    Nicky Moodie
    Matt Smith

    Cheers fella!

  24. Hi Luke

    would you mind adding us to your list for classics vip’s please

    thats vageuly important partisans 🙂

    Alex Hellier
    Becky Grenman


  25. woooooooooo! I’m all excited already… 2 via txt…

    Kelli Nelson
    Oddny Edwards

  26. Rob Carter, Ben Shotter, Steven Auty

    Can we all wear big pink fluffy boots & cyber gear?!!

  27. Katy Saunders
    Rachel Simpson
    Tracey Sawyer
    Ben Old

  28. Simon Coole!

  29. Add meeeeeee! (pweese) I think thats what I’m meant to do anyway 😀

  30. Cool cool cool. Loving the sound of birthday madness – naked race part 3 perhaps?! And Cle and Dave will be out in force too.

    Please could you add:
    Caz Wheeler
    Andy Crossan
    Cleo Moffatt
    Dave Goodyear

    Thanks Mr and see ya then.

  31. Mee tooo Please matey 🙂

    Cant wait

    Ocelot boy!

  32. Could you put Jemma Dean on there as well please Luke as she’s coming down! Yay! x

  33. hi ya luke will be down!! see you at the front!! oh whos Tim Lyall?

  34. Yes please me and mich so thats

    Daniel Saunders and Michelle Mottram

  35. opss forgot my name haha not the first time!!

    Shane Dawkins

  36. gonna take a night off from bumbles for a change, don’t do it that often but this occasion cannot be missed, see you soon mate.

  37. Yes please – count us in – Michelle Smith and Adam Lawther

  38. Hi babes, cheers see you there!!!

  39. Hey Luke,

    A couple more names if that’s ok…

    Liz Carter
    Matt Wilson

    Cheers dude

  40. Count me in dude. See you then! Homelands Mk2…

  41. Can I also put Andy Richards down on the list please?

  42. Matt Steele
    Claire Baldwin

  43. Count Me plus James Hill in. Looking forward to it old man (ha ha !)

  44. Can you please add Eve Thomas and Andy Rapkins as we’re gonna be there to LARGE IT UP!! 😀

  45. Yo, can I add my nutty cousin to the list – Melanie Bentinck xx

  46. Please could I add my mate to the list? – Jon Boulton

    Cheers dude

  47. Hi Luke, I think I came second in the naked relay race last year, behind Caz (well I got distracted, that’s my excuse…). Working with Mr M in the week, so would love to come to your BD bash at Slinky. See ya there 🙂

  48. Yes please!

    Katy Steed & Jamie Pattenden

  49. Pete Williams

  50. add me to vip list pls! 😀