week 5 making progress!

Finally making some progress in cutting down the sugar intake… just the 5 this week, but that’s including 2 days where I had to disrupt my sleeping pattern and then get up early, so I”m happy with that.

Have made the move to dark chocolate, that has to help… and tea I’m now a 1/2 a tsp man (down from 2) so I think I can say the trend is going the right way!

Reiters has declined a bit, knee still gives me grief; Have to wait for a specialist appt (4-6 weeks) to try and figure out the triggers. (What if its a lack of sugar? that’d be hilarious!)

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week 4

So after shocking myself with the sheer size of sugar in a week… i managed to cut down to…. erm… 6 last week

3 energy drinks, a rockstar (76g in this badboy!) and 2 rio types. Not too bad.

In other news, i’ve finished the course of steroids for my stupid reiters… its almost back to full strength, so I’m going to stay clear of exercise till its 100%.

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so how much sugar is that…

so how much sugar is that…

350g sugar

wow. ok when you look at it like that, it’s even worse! Must… drink… less… SUGAR!

I have started to cut back on the sweet stuff generally, eat the odd bit of dark choc as a treat… must.. eat… BETTER!!!

In other news, the Reiters is back and I seem to have an intolerance to dairy, god… I’m a bundle of health. Sorry folks. On steroids again (prescribed btw!) so makes my brain a bit crazy.

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