just another random weekend

just another random weekend

So the end of another weekend and another week… and what have you done Luke?


Worked lots, drove lots, swam lots (2x 2km swims), done a radio show, DJ’d at some place called “melange” and discovered the new best cocktail in the world – the strawberry mojito – YEAH BABY! …Went to a Gay Jazz concert and ate Ritz biscuits with cheese, watched the Bourne Free gay pride march through Bournemouth (hat tip to all involved), went to a beautiful wedding of 2 beautiful people then drank too much went on an adventure playground and did proper wedding dancing… oh yeah and watched the British Pedalcar Grand Prix.

the photos are here for all to see

The million dollar question you all wanted to know, what am I doing now anyway?? (aka “I take it you have a real job now that stops you from blogging so much…”)

Well, the jobs going well, I’m working as a knowledgeable internet chap (aka Internet Marketing Consultant) working with SME’s to make sure they get the most from the internet after we’ve built them a website. I suppose its a bit account management, a bit post-sales support and a bit geek consultancy – Its had its tough moments getting back into working 9-5 for someone else but the roles really good and hopefully I can prove my worth in the coming weeks.

In other news, its one week till swim day – yikes – bit worried about making it this year, i’m not quite where I wanted to be with my training but I’m damn well determined to make it! Please do your bit by sponsoring me, I’m doing the hard bit.

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Turkey pics!!!

Finally… I’ve managed to co-ordinate the near impossible combination of free time + working facebook to upload my pics from Turkey…

Photo album #1 – random stuff, cats, biscuits, ephesususss

Photo album #2 – more random pics, boat trips n ancient stuff oh and cats, Siren Rocks too

Off for another swim now, sponsor me anyway but it’s too late to save the seal BTW… as soon as I get chance I’m gonna go find one n club it 🙂

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Sometimes I forget why I’m doing things, I needed to remind myself last night that I have a plan and yes its hard… and far too hectic right now… but it WILL calm down and settle.

I hadn’t allow myself any room to adjust back into “Normal” work… when a tax bill hit (unexpectedly) and I started worrying about my hospital appt tomo (what if i’m unable to do the swim… what if I’ll always have slightly creaky feet n left knee…) it all bought back something I hadn’t felt for a while… stress.

Work is wicked, the jobs better than I imagined, I’ve learnt loads… yeah for a while it was overwhelming picking up and getting to grips with 100+ clients – but I’m making headway now.

Onwards to the weekend, hopefully a chance to upload the pics from turkey..

Turkey rocked.

Boats + cats + kebabs + swimming + cats + kebabs + ancient ruins + cats + 37 deg heat + cats…

SPONSOR ME! The swim is in less than 3 weeks… and i’m achin’ from training this morning.

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back in bomo

My adventures in turkey (for now) are complete… I have lots to write and pics to share… but for now just a quicky to say SPONSOR ME YOU SWINES!!!

The Pier 2 Pier swim is in like 3 weeks-ish (21st July) – see link to the right for sponsor info and pier to pier category on the left for more updates n things.

Ciao for now!

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