me2everyone again

I’m still getting quite a lot of traffic on my me2everyone post, I was curious to see where it appeared in google (top of 2nd page) when I spotted this interesting piece – read comment #12

“…say you have earned yourself a million of these £0.001-valued shares, and a week later me2everyone goes into debt. As the shares are not paid up, you will be asked to pay for the shares you are holding (it’s one of the first things debtors will go for to reclaim their losses)…”


But its ok, a quote from me2everyone (#21) says:

“…When the shares are made available to you, they will be fully paid up. If me2everyone PLC creates any debt, you are not responsible for that debt. me2everyone PLC (when formed) will be run by honest business people with decades of experience and a desire to build a fantastic business for all concerned…”

Decades of experience, thats ok then… had it been years, well forget it… 🙂

Jury is still out for me, I’d still advise people avoid it.

“If it sounds too good to be true…”

Personally, when I want to share things for free with the world, I just donate to charity. (Speaking of which, I’m jumping out of an aeroplane soon – more to follow!)

UPDATE: Following a comment, I checked and can still login. I did notice this worrying item in the news:

Ripple members may remember that in February our payment processor PayPal pulled the plug on me2everyone as the volume of transactions went beyond the level they were comfortable with. For six weeks we provided them with all the information they requested in respect of the business, but unfortunately they decided that they did not want to be involved in me2everyone.

Paypal will no longer work with me2everyone, interesting…

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Anyone else had invites to this as yet un-launched social network?

The basic pitch is that you get shares for signing up and once the site is the new Facebook these nominal 0.01p shares will be worth £££’s (sigh).

Is me2everyone a scam?
Is it a clever viral campaign and, as it claims, destined to be the next big social network?
Is it a spam harvesting exercise?
Is it a waste of time?

Well one of my aims for this blog was to do the research into these things so you don’t have too… I signed up with one of my accounts (no addr book for it to spam, no real details) that I use for testing such things.

Alarm bell 1

Both invites I received were suspiciously similar – despite one being from a mid-30s business contact and the other a 20 year old musician contact.

And, sure enough once I’d logged in if offered me stock emails I could send to all my friends, like this one:

Recommending your friends, family, work colleaugues and even complete strangers is a great way to earn bonus shares. At the moment we are giving you 200 bonus shares for EVERYONE who you recommend using the link given above.

This is a real world value of GBP £0.20 today: but by 2012, we are forecasting these to be worth GBP £0.58! So imagine receiving GBP £116 for every new member you find!

Plus EVERYONE you recommend today will receive 100 shares for registering here for FREE. SImple…

Alarm bell 2

Perhaps I’m being a snob, but the site is distinctly amateur looking, apart from the intro video, the T+C’s are copy pasted from a £15 service i had come across before (website-law).

Alarm bell 3

The about us for the website lists an address in Kent that is distinctly residential – see here if you really want to (google map).

Any REAL “new facebook” would surely at least have a registered PO Box or… an office!

Alarm bell 4

Once registered ALL of the text reads like a run of the mill MLM scheme, talking about levels of membership and share options.

Remember the plan to close off recruiting at 300,000 members?

Well 10 minutes ago one of our Founder Members gave us the green light to keep the recruitment process open. This is wonderful news as we begin to expand towards the first half a million members. It also signals a change to the way we do business here:

1) Later today the first 40 Global Exec members will be named online

2) We also let you know the leaders in our “10 MILLION SHARE CHASE”

3) We will also give you a glimpse of the new Beta test pages… a chance to see where m2e will be very soon!

4) We are looking at the prospect of meeting with members to launch the Customer Care Manager team

5) News will be coming online a lot more frequently from today.

Alarm bell 5

NONE of what I’d call the big 5 tech blogs have written about it, its not (as of 2200 GMT 16th March) on Mashable, Wired, The Register, boingboing or TechCrunch.

Me2Everyone in Summary

A clever, mlm kind of social network scheme, most likely not malicious in intent but an idea that plays on all the usual tricks of “get rich quick” type schemes, hell its the oldest chain email in the book! “Send this email to all your friends and you’ll get £100 from Bill Gates” – and those earned people… how much money again?

I call scam – avoid it.

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