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Anyone else had invites to this as yet un-launched social network?

The basic pitch is that you get shares for signing up and once the site is the new Facebook these nominal 0.01p shares will be worth £££’s (sigh).

Is me2everyone a scam?
Is it a clever viral campaign and, as it claims, destined to be the next big social network?
Is it a spam harvesting exercise?
Is it a waste of time?

Well one of my aims for this blog was to do the research into these things so you don’t have too… I signed up with one of my accounts (no addr book for it to spam, no real details) that I use for testing such things.

Alarm bell 1

Both invites I received were suspiciously similar – despite one being from a mid-30s business contact and the other a 20 year old musician contact.

And, sure enough once I’d logged in if offered me stock emails I could send to all my friends, like this one:

Recommending your friends, family, work colleaugues and even complete strangers is a great way to earn bonus shares. At the moment we are giving you 200 bonus shares for EVERYONE who you recommend using the link given above.

This is a real world value of GBP £0.20 today: but by 2012, we are forecasting these to be worth GBP £0.58! So imagine receiving GBP £116 for every new member you find!

Plus EVERYONE you recommend today will receive 100 shares for registering here for FREE. SImple…

Alarm bell 2

Perhaps I’m being a snob, but the site is distinctly amateur looking, apart from the intro video, the T+C’s are copy pasted from a £15 service i had come across before (website-law).

Alarm bell 3

The about us for the website lists an address in Kent that is distinctly residential – see here if you really want to (google map).

Any REAL “new facebook” would surely at least have a registered PO Box or… an office!

Alarm bell 4

Once registered ALL of the text reads like a run of the mill MLM scheme, talking about levels of membership and share options.

Remember the plan to close off recruiting at 300,000 members?

Well 10 minutes ago one of our Founder Members gave us the green light to keep the recruitment process open. This is wonderful news as we begin to expand towards the first half a million members. It also signals a change to the way we do business here:

1) Later today the first 40 Global Exec members will be named online

2) We also let you know the leaders in our “10 MILLION SHARE CHASE”

3) We will also give you a glimpse of the new Beta test pages… a chance to see where m2e will be very soon!

4) We are looking at the prospect of meeting with members to launch the Customer Care Manager team

5) News will be coming online a lot more frequently from today.

Alarm bell 5

NONE of what I’d call the big 5 tech blogs have written about it, its not (as of 2200 GMT 16th March) on Mashable, Wired, The Register, boingboing or TechCrunch.

Me2Everyone in Summary

A clever, mlm kind of social network scheme, most likely not malicious in intent but an idea that plays on all the usual tricks of “get rich quick” type schemes, hell its the oldest chain email in the book! “Send this email to all your friends and you’ll get £100 from Bill Gates” – and those earned people… how much money again?

I call scam – avoid it.


  1. me2everyone is not a ponzy, pyramidical system or any chain kind of things. You get the bonus for your direct referrals only. There is no provision for multilevel benifits.

    It has adopted a reverse approach and that is generating the money from the larger companies in terms of ads, commission etc. Being a Global executive, I am in the heart of the company and aware of its ambitious plans.

    There is nothing like SCAM… the free shares will not be allocated always. In the month of May 2009 onwards, once the business activies get through, the share value will gradually increase.

    It also has various monthly income streams… and a lot has to come in.

    me2everyone always welcome critics to improve itself day by day. It is a company that is run by the common people and for the common people…and that too without spending a single penny.

  2. Hi Rajesh, thank you for taking time to respond to my post.

    I stand by my points, your site DOES offer levels (see the blockquote in my post) similar to an MLM scheme.

    I do admire your organisation for trying to do things a different way.


  3. So what are the risks? I dont see any!!!

  4. @Brad Risk is time you lose!

  5. Hi Luke,

    Thanks for responding my post.

    Innovations are always criticised in the beginning.

    To my knowledge, every business is based on a multilevel system. A shoe company has a producer, then sole distributor, then distributor, then agents, then retailers and finally the consumer. For any sustainable business, a producer is bound to follow these levels.

    In case of m2e, about 94.2% of the membership is absolutely FREE and only 5.8%is having some price. Interestingly, priced membership is sold out like hot cakes.

    Hi Manoj,

    If you could recall, way back during 1920-30, in the same manner, the drinks Tea was introduced in India by British Businessmen. A cup of tea was provided free of cost to a common man at the roadside stalls of English people. Over the period of time they established a large empire of tea estates, once everyone got addicted…

    In case of m2e, the company as well as the member are equally benefited and are shareholder.

    Also, It makes more authentic to m2e as for each and every assignment, a legal MOU is signed by both the parties.

    Please see the recent updates in m2e website for more details and its authenticity.

  6. To my mind it would be difficult to distinguish a legitimate company with an innovative approach from one that seeks to create mischief with never any intent to create a win-win situation. And there would be none where it would not be easy to find a number of alarm bells to make one wary.

    It’s usually a subjective weighting one gives to those bells which may cause one to stay away from a venture or take a chance. Business is always about taking the chance after due diligence is followed and none of the alarms you bring up (legitimately) are compelling enough to steer me clear.

    I wish this type enterprise to succeed. It is a very good idea. If it doesn’t make it in this incarnation, it probably will do in another. I’m ready to take a chance on this one….

  7. Read through, but found your points are not true.

  8. Its interesting to see this post getting a lot of traffic, in the spirit of open disclosure (and remembering I can see commenter’s IP addresses) would you above (apart from Rajesh) state if you are a member of m2e? if so at what level? (global exec, founder member etc)

  9. Recently joined to test the waters and see where it goes, as in principle I see this sort of venture as an inevitable evolution of the interface between the virtual and 3D worlds.

    I have also just been made a GE member which allows me input into how things could be further developed. Still no fee required at this level. I see it as a way of community-building in a positive, and fair win-win scenario for all concerned. If that fairness becomes skewed, and I believe I read such things well, I will no longer participate.

    So far, I have been inspired by the potential of where this could lead and it has stirred my imagination. If that is as far as it goes, it has been a worthwhile expedition.

  10. I have created the largest group on Facebook about Me2Everyone, and I’m proud to have done so. Many members there may not know about it, due to the fact that its title is certainly not what you’d expect, which is, I WILL NOT MISS OUT THIS TIME!

    To date, there are over 1,700 members in the group, which was created on April 11, 2009, and this article is being written on April 24, 2009, so you do the math. Most of my recruits came from that group, and I’m happy to have created it. No, I’ve not been able to recruit most of the members, due to a lot of skepticism and suspicion, but a good number have joined through me.

    Knowing that there are lots of skeptics out there, I’ve purposely created a topic within the group, titled THE “ME2EVERYONE” CONCEPT, analyzing / evaluating on 10 scenarios about Me2Everyone, with the LET’S SAY phrase, and here’s the topic:

    I should also mention that a Global Executive for Me2Everyone has given his input on that topic.

    On some final notes, what would anyone lose for joining something for free? Also, how can something be classified as a SCAM if there’s no money involved? Does that make sense? In reading my scenarios in reference to the topic on Facebook, you will better understand where I’m coming from with this.

    PS: I predict that many people will become rich, and many will deeply regret being so negative about it.

  11. I recently joined and am just a regular member, I sent out some invites that I wrote myself to some friends, because the one m2e is giving are a little bit toooo hope inspiring.

    I’ve been searching a lot, and alls I wanna know is, WHO has invested in m2e, alls everyone is saying is that some people have invested a lot of cash into it, some of the people I invited don’t really want to join unless they find out

  12. While I feel that M2E isn’t there to rip, to think that because something starts out as free stays that way. It is good psychology (the hook) to gain the confidence of a prospect and get them emotionally invested in the venture before the deeper workings are revealed which do require a financial investment. Not everyone would fall for that, but many would. Again, I wish to state that I do feel that M2E is NOT a confidence trickster.

  13. I signed up for M2E yesterday and promptly received a positive response from the site saying I was now registered and that my 100 shares had been allocated to me.
    TODAY, I tried logging into the site again using my logon details and am unable to log on !! I called a friend of mine who also registered and he also cannot logon to his account. If I try registering again it says my logon details already exists ! I think we have a scam here !!!!

  14. lol … the site has only just gone up in the last 48 hours, and there is a cross-over period from old to newer. I have the same issue (normal teething issues), but still have access to the older site which has all the info.

    Anyway, if you cannot log into your account, there can be no better protection from being scammed as there needs to be communication from them to you also to gain some advantage from you, which is problematic if they can’t reach you through their own official channel. 🙂

    No scam here as far as I can see.

  15. OK, guys, I’m back again to dismiss some suspicions and allegations, but before saying anything further, I must let you all know that I’m NOT working for Me2everyone, and they have NOT paid me to comment for them, or told me what to say here or anywhere else for that matter. These are merely my own words, so here we go…

    First of all, Giovanni, reading through various remarks you’ve made on this thread, being a Global Executive for Me2everyone, as you claimed, it’s quite obvious that you’re a skeptic, and I just don’t understand where you’re coming from with those remarks. No disrespect, but some of your remarks appear to have no merit, especially for the alleged position that you’re holding. You should be providing positive remarks here — with merit.

    Here are some questions to, Andre, whose thread is above yours: “How can something possibly be classified as a SCAM if you did not invest or lose a single penny in it, while all you simply did was joined and waited for see what’s next? Does that make any sense? Sorry to say, but the word SCAM has its rightful meaning in every known dictionary — in English. Did you get a chance, or have you noticed my link being posted on a prior thread, providing 10 different scenarios about Me2everyone, titled “THE ME2EVERYONE CONCEPT?”
    Here’s the link to my Facebook group: REMOVED

    Andre, if you signed up yesterday, and officially became a Member, you obviously would not have known that they’d announced some upgrades on the MEMBERS AREA, which Members are now unable to access at the moment, and it will be functional within 10 days. Now, how do you feel about my letting you know this? See how speculation is so bad? As a shareholder, you were quick to classify your OWN company as being a SCAM. Are you aware that shareholders are part owners of a company? If not, then you obviously just learned something new today.

    Gionanni, being (allegedly) a Global Executive for the company, how come you failed to explain what’s going on to, Andrea, instead you’re fueling some negativity? I’m really confused here, and I’m sure many people who read this, will agree with me.

    Are you, guys, aware that Me2everyone just released their BETA 1.5 version, yesterday, April 28, which they have promised Members? If not, here’s the link to my group again for your information: REMOVED

    Also, if you, guys, are not in my Group, you obviously will not know what’s going on, as you will not get ACCURATE information: thus you will simply rely on hearsay and mere speculation. It’s often like that: One person spills some rumor(s) and millions of others simply follow, without collecting facts, which is known as a (negative) RIPPLE EFFECT. By the way, RIPPLE EFFECT can be positive too, you know?! Me2everyone actually offers rewards (bonus shares) for ripple effects, and once you join their site, you will better understand what it’s all about.

    Guys, you just have to be patient and stop assuming / speculating, without facts. The company has not even “officially” launched yet, and they need time to bring everything on the table. Things should be done step by step, in order for success to take effect. As for the 3D version that you’ve heard about, YES, it’s coming, but not now. First, they are using the 1.5 Beta version for a while just to make sure everything works perfectly well, then they will introduce the 2D version, and finally, the much-talked about MONSTER 3D, which will be the real deal. Step by step, guys, relax!

    You, guys, should join my Facebook Group, so you stay in touch with the latest updates and FACTS.


    They have loads of things to accomplish, and so far, I’ve been proud of their accomplishments. Now, stay positive and optimistic, will you?! 🙂



  16. Now you have me worried. As being a Global Executive, I was sent a brochure with the opportunity to pay to purchase a package to become a GE-Enhanced member. This package has many different levels depending on how many people you want to manage and of course, how much money you want to spend. So “YES” there is money involved. Plus I was asked to keep it quite and that only 120 members will be given this opportunity.

    How can I find out for sure if this is a SCAM or NOT?

    Please help,

  17. I wonder if Facebook had people asking if their free way to interact with each other received the kind of criticim that some people on the web level at me2everyone? To compete in today’s world you need an edge: a way of doing things differently. Launching me2everyone mid-global recession has actually become a beacon for many people. Yes it’s free to join, but then it’s also free to join this blog. It’s free to do a search on Yahoo! It’s free to join MYSpace and Facebook.

    The old website is terrible: but remember it was only put up to see if anyone wanted the service. me2everyone expected 30,000 members after 2 months: it got them in just 5 days but the guys were stuck with a website that hundreds of thousands of people went to look at and yet saw absolutely nothing of any real value. That’s when the doomsayers jumped on me2everyone and reports that this was a scam started to appear.

    Every time the website has a problem people call it a scam. Can’t log-in? Must be a scam… or perhaps the website has a genuine technical problem. Did you ever consider that?

    There’s also the talk about the different levels and how this must be MLM. Why? The company wants to put 70,000+ people into part-time work under a licence. There may be a fee or they may waive the fee completely just to prove they are willing to put so many people into work. How can they afford the wage bill? Well it’s performance-based commission selling advertising to businesses large and small.

    And look at the people involved – especially the law firm m2e use: it’s been in business for 284 years. Why would they expose themselves to a potential fraud?

    I saw the comment about the residential address of me2everyone. Please take a look at and then let me know if it really matters where a company starts from? Surely its where a company finishes that’s more important…

    I read on here that 94.2% of members will never pay anything – I think from Rajesh. Well something you forgot to tell these good people is that 5.4% of all memebrs are expected to be the advertising business members. That leaves just 0.4% of ordinary members who will pay for things: perhaps a business license or a product that will evolve later.

    The answer is simple. if you beleive its a scam, do not join.

    Oh yes, I am a m2e GE member 🙂 Thanks for reading…

  18. Lemsip: you’re slightly dodging the point there, Facebook, myspace etc are free… but they don’t push you to promote in quite the same way with promises of future wealth.

    I really take issue (and I’m making a general point here – the jury is still suspicious, but out on me2everyone) about organisations offering (false) hope to people in times of economic uncertainty.

    Be that well intentioned, but misguided… an out n out scam mlm or somewhere inbetween is mostly irrelevant – personally I look at the signs and they say avoid, so that’s my opinion.

    As for the “law firm” being 284 years in business? The T+Cs I saw when I logged in are from a stock site so that’s a bit of a red herring.

    Yes, HP and numerous other companies have started in garages… many more companies have started in garages and failed. I was only pointing this out as another indicator.

    Grandma: I’d love to see a copy of that email – the opportunity to pay for some future business success would worry me personally, I’d be more than happy to look over it and let you know my thoughts.

    Rod: Please stop posting links to your group – I’ve left one, but if you continue to spam the comments with links to your group I will ban you. I welcome your comments.

  19. Hello Luke

    Point taken, but me2everyone don’t push anyone to promote anything. There is a benefit to promote and some people have promoted extensively. I read that the top 2000 members are responsible for 30% of the membership.

    I suppose only time will tell if this was false hope. I’ve seen so much here and other places where people assume it’s a scam because they do not charge money, but if me2everyone did start to charge money it would also be a scam. Do they call this double jeopardy? The dice loaded against them no matter what they do. I’m curious, did you join me2everyone at all?

    If you look on the FAQ page to see who the lawyers are then do a search and then write a letter to them and ask if they represent m2e would they say yes or no?

    Oh and Luke the reference to Grandma where you ask her for a copy of the email I think would actually put her in breach of her membership of me2everyone. I would suggest you contact the company directly and ask for clarification.

    In your heart of hearts, would you like me2everyone to prove you right or prove you wrong? Just curious…

  20. I see this discussion as invaluable in fleshing out the issues, not just for M2E, but investment mentality in general.

    It’s clear to me that we can help each other avoid unnecessary hardship in these discussions. So a little critical thinking is required. At the same time, scope for hope is important in maintaining some balance and we don’t just tend to flat-line in response to any new venture.

    There are no sure bets and hardly any sure on-going bets, and we need to be vigilant, and I think that’s a great way to keep management on their toes and help them respond to other’s concerns and develop strategies for good communication and fine-tuning of the business structure offered to the public. It’s a kind of empathy….

    Rod – Reading the announcements on the Australian GE members will confirm my membership.

  21. Luke, just to let you know… My posting the links to my Group was not intended to spam, rather to bring out the facts. Realizing the way you form opinions, based on mere speculation and hearsay, I thought (then) the links were necessary to provide crucial details. No disrespect, but you’re obviously a skeptic.

    It’s important to be open minded about the unknown. You don’t just shut something down, due to perception, especially if it doesn’t affect you in any way, shape, or form. You give the benefit of the doubt to something that’s plausible, and you totally dismiss something that’s irrelevant, or does not make any sense — in all fairness. Life is a learning process.

    Giovanni, I just wasn’t sure where you stood, but thanks for the clarification. I’m aware that you’re also in my Facebook Group, named “I WILL NOT MISS OUT THIS TIME!” By all means, I wish you the best on being a Global Executive for the company.

    Grandma, The GE-Enhanced Membership was a special promotion that they had for early birds to get a shot at the opportunity, and it wasn’t a scam. Me2everyone also had a Ripple Membership, and guess what? Ripple Members actually got paid for producing (early on) ripples for them. You obviously aren’t aware that some people actually got paid by the company (unless I’ve totally misinterpreted / misunderstood that). Have you come across any blogs here on Google, or anywhere else, indicating that people got conned by Me2everyone? I bet you haven’t, and if you have, that’s a lie. After all, some people take great pleasure in fabricating stories.

    How can you find out for sure if Me2everyone is not a scam? Well, their Members Area will soon be functional, plus you’d have to wait to see the company’s success in the near future. Don’t be skeptical. If you have a Facebook account, join my Group there, which is titled, “I WILL NOT MISS OUT THIS TIME!” I’ve created a topic there, THE “ME2EVERYONE” CONCEPT, providing 10 different scenarios about Me2everyone, and it’s a good read.

    There are so many scam / con artists out there, and I can understand where some of you are coming from, but you still need to be open minded. Open mindedness brings you success in life, and it also takes you a long way.

    PS: Luke, I have a feeling that you’re a Member of Me2everyone, in good standing, and you’ve created this blog for the sole purpose of (threading) triggering various responses, which eventually will drive traffic, and that’s quite clever 🙂

  22. I understand that Grandma is also a GE member. This means Grandma’s information is deeper than those members who have access only to the regular members area. The information there is confidential, understandably so, as GE input helps form the final result that will eventually make its way to the general membership and needs a development ground before more general release. (Rod, what I can say, is that your take on GE Enhanced in not current.)

    I access the same information as Grandma and do NOT read scam into what is there, but am encouraged by the fine direction being shown in how this structure is developing. As the information makes itself known to the general public – soon now – you may see what I mean. I will be pleased to discuss that further when the the time comes.

    It may also be interesting to note that blogs such as this are being taken seriously by management the feedback of which has been used to improve the operation.

    I would also like to say that I am impressed with the general fairness and insight that luke has shown, allowing this discussion to develop more fully through his investigative nature.

  23. Many wonder! How it is possible to run a business without spending a single penny…?

    Yes, it is possible. I have thoroughly analysed the whole business approach and mechanism of m2e and have reached to the conclusion that it is very much possible. Only thing is that no one has tried this approach so far.

    Within 2 years of time everyone would see this public limited company growing exponentially.

    m2e will become richest, its officials would become richer and free members would become rich… No one would be looser everyone would get at least something.

    This is an excellent example of growing money with a handful of seed money.

    Good Luck to Everyone.

    Rajesh Patel

  24. Giovanni, I certainly appreciate your input, as far as furnishing valuable information, yet without detailing, in the development phase of the company. As I’ve explained early on in this blog, readers know intuitively well that I’m only providing my own opinions, as per different readings through various blogs, etc.

    Though, some might be outdated, or not current, I’m pleased to learn more (positive) things, which, in turn, will help my input being more accurate in blogs. By all means, I have no doubt that you know more than I do within the company, as far as what’s going in. Anyway, we’ll look forward to prosperity 🙂

    Those who have been pessimistic will eventually change their minds, especially when the Members Area becomes functional. Everything else will gradually fall into place to fit the puzzle.

  25. Thanks Rod. It’s just still sensitive information and I wish to respect that and still offer as much as possible openly.

    My hope is that the greatest richness this organization potentially can provide (particularly because of the everyone is an owner format) is a sense of freedom to be creative and industrious in social and cultural as well as business areas. The crystallized feeling of community where nobody needs feel invisible or pushed to the background is needed as older traditions are less and less meeting our essential needs.

  26. Well, Giovanni, of course I totally agree with this… when being provided with sensitive information, you vow to protect it to the best of your ability. I had not applied for the Global Executive position, but who knows… maybe I’ll consider — if it will be offered anew sometime in the future — should more be needed.

    I look forward to the launching of the Members Area, so that turn-out will significantly increase through the recruting process. That will eventually appease skepticism.

  27. I am sorry Rod, but I am also a GE member and a top recruiter and I get emails regularily about what they are doing, but it is all sales language. It is not proposed as a business at all.

    They are asking for money and a lot of money for some people and I definetly picked up on the psychological tricks.

    Everyone wants to have faith, but the site so far looks shoddy and I have seen V2.0 prototypes. They have provided no real evidence of any business or advertisers being interested in this idea.

    If the business was as sound as they say they would provide us with the proof before asking for the cash, not some expectations that they have banged together on a calculator over lunch.

    I was one of the first to join and I loved the idea, but they have constantly changed the structure of what they intended and any good business would have a business model set in stone before they announced it to anyone. They are biting off far more than they can chew, that much seems more obvious everyday.

    And as a GE member I can tell you we rarely ever have emails even answered and we have our own contact email to do so.

    There have been a few things that have suprised me with this, one is that people are basically right now inputting into this for free, giving ideas and concepts to them for nothing.

    The other is that anyone would have given them any money based on what they have provided to us. Its wrong that they are even asking if you want to go down a business ethics road. Saying that they want the best and brightest working for them and then basically expecting these people to hand over money with no real business proposal is a little proposterous.And I can tell you they haven’t answered any of my emails asking them these very same questions.

    I mean with nearly half a million members now, there should be some word on marketing to busiesses and affiliates, there should be a lot more people working there. Like I said, they are promising to much to to many people, and they have to just be straight with people which is something they are struggling with at the moment.

    The issue is this, a lot of people “do” make a lot of money through affiliate internet programs, but its the morals of how these work that is in question not the bottom line.

    We sit and we all hope that the vision we had for this concept will eventuate, but there has to be a point where you stop promising and start delivering. Where you put the brakes on and regroup and deal with what you have before promising anything more.

    If they halted membership at 500,000 sorted out the site, sorted out the business concepts, started CCM’s on the ground collecting business leads, of which we don’t even know if any exist. Then perhaps smart people would take it more seriously.

    Sorting out what they have now, should be the priority because all the people who did have faith are losing it fast.

  28. Sorry basically what I am saying is this, if they don’t sort this out, they will be laughed off the web within 6 months. When I first joined people where joining in the 10,000’s everyday, now momentum has stopped and the reason it has stopped is because they won’t publicly stand up and answer the critiques, if everything was ok thats what they would do they would be transparent and then they would get more members. Now there is to many questions and not enough answers and so people will not continue to join.

  29. I was skeptical to begin with and reading these comments makes me even more skeptical, the reason being I see a lot of promises with no real facts. A lot of smoke in this room. You people make your own choices but if there’s one lesson I can share it’s if it’s too good to be true then it probably is. I might be wrong but given the history I have read I doubt it. Even if I am wrong I would rather work for my money than tie into some dreamers scheme. But you all make your own choices, best of luck.

  30. It seems to me that when something grows out of all proportion to what was originally envisaged, the reality of the unexpected juggernaut crushes best laid plans to oblivion and a kind of chaos ensues until there’s enough time for our minds to grasp properly what can be done to make this juggernaut operate in an orderly and proficient manner.

    Management is not up to speed! Either this “thing” is reigned in, broken in, or it will flail to its demise, over a cliff into the abyss.

    Right now, the best protection from the throes – either of death or new birth – is to allow oneself time to see where the energy of this beast will lead. There is no need for any monetary investment for either regular members or GEs, no need for possible negative reverberations into one’s financial status. At the same time, can t really hurt to give some positive impetus through feedback and goodwill to those that wish to tame the juggernaut?

    From that safe distance, I observe with fascination the intricacies of the evolution/dissolution. As I said in an earlier post, this idea is too good not to eventually be born and grow into something very worthwhile. If it is not this particular incarnation that will succeed, it is at least the harbinger of what will come….

  31. The problem I guess giovanni is that they did envision it. They wrote the vision down very clearly “2,000,000 members” by 2010 or some such, thats what they ramble in the brochures, they base all the “might be’s” on the original vision of growth. So it doesn’t add up that they wouldn’t have been prepared/ready for it if that is what the promises where banked on. Do you see the crushing reality now.

    And even though people don’t need to pay anything they are now definetly screaming for personal details and plenty of people have paid money into this already. As an original recruiter it makes me feel sick that people who signed under me may give money to these people, I actually feel a personal responsibility and I doubt these people will at the end of the day.

    Now a switch from Linux to Windows, no decent programmer would say thats a way forward, mickey mouse. But admittably they captured 100,000’s of peoples imaginations, the problem was it was our imaginations, we all imagined our own vision once given a few key concepts and that was the guiding light to our own personal vision. Everyone’s vision is different though and that is how these people have duped everyone, we all had a moment where we thought these people where developing the way the web should be in our own minds and that is the magic in the while thing. Genuious some might say.

  32. I’ve envisioned some things that came true. I’ve noticed that it takes some emotional adjustment to move from the mental/imaginative idea to then revel in the blood and guts of it. It can even be traumatic. I hope the reveling will come, but there will be suffering and obstacles to be overcome before that.

    Some of the M2E gamblers are just that at this early stage of development. If it wasn’t for M2E, it would be some other obsession for the gambling/greed bug to feed on. It’s not you that made them gamblers. You never asked them to pay, just to participate in the free aspect of the structure.

    All this, as I feel it, is par for the course in the early stages for any great venture you care to mention that eventually proved its worth in the longer run. The gamblers will either win this one or loose this one. If the bet is good, then those that come after will not be infected with gambling but infused with a sensible appreciation of a company functioning well that has proven itself over time. That is not now, that is what might be.

    If this venture does not represent a viable vision that feeds the imagination of the majority, it will eventually fail as those people move onto other possibilities closer to their essence. This is both a democratic and a kind of natural selection that sees such ventures evolve into better and better forms (or else become extinct!).

    In this sense, M2E has acted to spark one’s imagination and wonder into what might be possible. This, I believe, will gather momentum so that a properly established venture will eventually have to come about as the sheer will of the people will demand this. The gamblers may lose this one, but win on the next iteration. And there will come a time when we all must plunge into the unknown despite our fears.

  33. Things are starting to look up on their site, as far as all the interesting updates. I’m loving the fact that they’ve turned the clock back to pre-launch-free-share-giveaway level of 2,000 upon registration, plus 5,000 bonus shares per referral. You don’t see that anywhere else, and I’m doing the best I can with recruiting.

    When the Members Area comes live, which is soon expected, things will really take off, and membership will soar. I have a strong feeling that this company will do exceptionally well in the coming years, and shareholders will be thrilled. Facebook and Myspace will have some serious competition.

  34. I nearly have 600,000 shares from ripples and recruiting now and was gonna buy 100 sign ups today but my ref link doesn’t work rofl. I think it is due to the server change. I hope I get my ref link back tomorrow. I wanna try to get that 500,000 referral lol.

  35. I think that the plan wasn’t too optimistic, it was just that they stumbled some early on and, also, did not defend themselves early when some serious accusations were being made.

    But like you, Rod, I too think this one will be a winner.

  36. Try PeopleString. The site is already up and running. PeopleString is owned by BigString, a public corporation whose stock is traded. Stock Symbol: BSGC. Please write me with any questions.

  37. Yes …!!!! and now the long awaited time has come to smile and create a ripple!!!!

    Good Luck to Everyone…

  38. Within a week’s time. I am likely to receive my first payment of 160 GBP from me2everyone for assisting the company and completing some official assignments.

    The flow of money has now started…m2e is different..very different.

    May God bless m2e to grow exponentially.

    Good Luck to Everyone

  39. To all me2everyone cheerleaders,

    I am going to tell you with my brief comment. I have been involved in all various of money making for ten years. I do know that me2everyone is a scam and you have definitely something misleading from them. You will realised when you find out that they are scam company. So it all does not making any sense when they tell you about the shares and it does not exist at all. It’s illegal!

    Now, I leave you to find out….Just be warn you. I do know what it is like because I learned from my 10 years experience. Good Luck!


  41. Before labelling anyone…think twice.


  42. Guys, stop fighting, take few deep breaths, and calm down. Time will certainly tell about me2everyone, and I’m still optimistic about it. Their site is now (temporarily) down, as of October 26th, due to server (maintenance) upgrade, so let’s just wait and see what’s going to happen. Name-calling doesn’t serve any purpose. Please let’s all be open minded, and give me2everyone a chance to prove itself.

    I did as much recruiting for PeopleString, as I did for me2everyone, and I’ve become one of the Pioneering Members, and YES, I’m making money there. My downline is growing daily, and I’m excited. They have certain technologies that no other websites have, and they’re also about to introduce something (unknown) that will be newsworthy. It’s expected to generate a lot of press coverage from some Morning Shows, as well as various news sources, and we’ll see. It is also said that it will actually transform the world of social networking, and that the (unknown) program will be free for all Members to make money with. Advertisers keep pounding on the site, which is VERY good news for Members, as they’re re-distributing up to 70% of advertising revenues to Members.

    Me2everyone offers FREE company (stocks) shares, and it’s also something that no other social network site has done before, so they both have things to talk about, except me2everyone hasn’t laid its possessions on the table yet. Once again, let’s be open minded. Peace, good health, & prosperity to all!


  43. wow – so this thread of comments is still rolling?

    So is me2everyone and peoplestring just a glorified pyramid scheme swapping friends for money?

  44. Hi Rajesh,

    First seeing your comments here that you have been paid for doing some official work for m2e, I could hardly believe it! But you were right. I put this comment in the forum and one of the Director and your upline verified it. Anybody who called you a liar was wrong. They are talking about anything without knowing. Also, just an advice, don´t brag too much about the payment, the future will tell..



  47. Many thanks Lang2X for your comments and verification. I would follow your advice “don´t brag too much about the payment, the future will tell..”.

    And now the time has arrived…… The me2everyone test site in a new look for its members is now available at :


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