Bar camp NFP 14 – Failure Swapshop notes

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Another year, another bar camp… another glorious session of sharing failure.

Thanks so much to everyone who attended the Bar camp NFP Failure Swapshop <– if you don’t know what one is, take a look here.

Lessons learned this year:

  • Be prepared
  • look before you leap
  • trust yourself
  • double check the important stuff
  • say no
  • ask “Why?” more
  • think about consequences
  • don’t assume
  • who owns it?
  • what is the real problem
  • collaboration is key
  • look at the big picture
  • don’t proof read your own stuff
  • Think how a picture looks out of context
  • Share your plans

FAIL — I didn’t take a photo, if you took one and you’re happy for me to use it, please tweet it at me!



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