Random acts of yumness

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Random acts of yumness

Yesterday I was sat eating my lunch at lifeboat quay, pondering life’s mysteries (thinking about going camping actually but anyway…) when a guy approached and offered me an ice cream.

It was Mars one, he’d bought a pack for him & his girlfriend (at a guess) and had a spare.

Awesome! Free ice cream!!


So my question is this… how do I pay it forward?

I can’t wander the streets giving out ice cream…

Suggestions below, or via twitter:

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  1. Why not adapt the suspended coffee model but with an ice cream van. Next time you see one pay for a 99 and instruct the guy or gal to give the next solo customer their 99 for free. Kind of depends on how trustworthy you think they are but I know it would make my day if I ask for a 99 and was told it had already been paid for.

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