Adding volunteer experience to LinkedIn

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Adding volunteer experience to LinkedIn

One addition to the new LinkedIn profiles is the ability to add Volunteer experience to your profile.

This is a really great feature for both an individual to show support to their chosen organisation and to raise awareness of volunteering in general.

To add one to your profile select: Profile / Edit Profile from the main menu and you’ll find volunteering & causes on the right hand side.

Click this heading to add one to your profile.

You’ll then see the new section to fill out, as shown below. To add more than one, click the + Add button in the top right. You can also click and drag the up & down arrow to choose where this section sits on your profile.

Important note: to link this volunteering opportunity to the charity correctly, you’ll need to type it into the organisation field and then select the organisation from the list – as shown below.

If you just type the name in, there will be no link to the organisations LinkedIn page shown on your profile.

Click Save once you’ve finished or the + Add in the top right to add another.

Once this section is added to your profile, it’ll display the company logo next to it and when someone views your profile they can easily see the organisation you volunteer for.


Any questions, leave me a comment below.


  1. I’m having trouble deciding what to include in the volunteer field. First, how far back is too far for the experience to be relevant? Surely, somebody can’t be interested in the fact that I volunteered at a nursing home between the ages of 10 and 17 right? Second, the positions I held as part of a fraternity seem relevant, but should they be considered volunteer work, or perhaps they belong under the experience section? Perhaps, even, something else entirely? Thanks,

  2. I’d say the answer to both of those questions is the classic answer to what to put on a CV – how do these things relate to what I want to achieve with my (CV) LinkedIn page.

    If you want to show that you have a history of working for a given cause, great, put it in.

    Always consider what the person looking at your profile is looking for. Do they need to know?

    I wouldn’t worry too much on which thing in which section.

  3. Hi, I want to give someone a recommendation following their voluntary experience with our charity, however as it is not listed as a job it won’t allow me to post the recommendation, does anyone know a way around this please?

  4. Interesting – I’d not thought about that – there isn’t a direct way i can see – have you posted in LinkedIn help? They’re usually not bad at replying

  5. It has to be based on your desire..if you are putting this to impress the recruiters it has to be what they would like.

  6. Is it possible to add media files and documents to voluntary positions like you can with professional positions?

  7. pass – I haven’t tried that

  8. Luke
    I Volunteer for a Group not an Organisation. LinkedIn only allows you to input organisations from their official list – otherwise no logo and link for Group shown.
    Is there a work around

  9. Not that I’m aware of, sorry

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