Failure swapshop bcbomo5 edition

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Failure swapshop bcbomo5 edition

Ran another failure swapshop at Bar Camp Bournemouth 5 – some INCREDIBLE, hilarious, worrying stories! You know the format and rules, so here are the lessons learned:


Beware texans bearing drinks
stay focussed
don’t rely on Microsoft
Use version control
Log out
Don’t trust your colleagues
Always test
Always check in
Write secure code
Do what you’re good at
Beware bacon!
Pick wisely
Always back up
use night vision
use the right language
don’t use GUIs
check your sample data
Don’t work for banks
walk the walk
carry febreeze
man up isn’t always the best medicine
curiosity killed the cat
Don’t get cocky
Beware outsourced things
Pick your battles
Attention to detail
Dont look at laptops uninvited
Be prepared
Don’t date your accountant
Don’t work on live
Don’t be cheap

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