Taurine addiction and a morning balancing act

Posted by on July 28, 2011 in general thoughts | 1 comment

I find it hard to get going in the summer, a kind of hay fever induced grogginess is only counteracted by taking a tablet of some description (tried most types Loratadine and hexy-whatever) with a taurine drink like red bull.

I’m wondering if I actually have trained my body to the point it needs one energy drink a day – that can’t be good? I’m too sluggish for words unless I have the combo above… but I don’t like this legal high balancing act in the morning.

Time to try and stop, I think I’m going to start (now that I’ve retired from DJing) getting up early (6/7am) and working out first thing each day.

Can you get addicted to taurine? I know caffeine has addictive traits in that you suffer from withdrawal symptoms if you don’t have a hit.

Hmmm… damn these drinks companies…

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  1. Yes taurine is very addictive because of dopamine increase in nucleus accumbens

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