Hanging up the headphones

Posted by on April 12, 2011 in general thoughts | 3 comments

It’s time to hang up the headphones and work on some other projects, so May 1st I’m playing my last dj gig with the original anthemia crew, simon m and the weatherman @ ibar, free entry, please come along.

The radio show is coming to an end as well… actually I’m handing over the reigns, but for me 12 years of weekly radio shows is coming to an end.

I’ve had some great times and met some groovy people through djing.

Yes I’ll miss it and I’m not saying never again to the odd gig (in fact I have one in nov).

Thanks to all the clubs for letting me play, the promoters for booking me, all the door staff, bar staff and other club workers I’ve met along the way… the biggest thank you to all the clubbers who’ve danced, cheered and waved their arms in the air along with me (not so much the whoop whoopers).

EDIT: Facebook event for anthemia reunion link


  1. I never thought I would see this written for all to see and for you to actually be saying it.

  2. I guess it’s more that saying something out loud makes it more real. This post is mostly for me.

  3. Not everyone understands House Music.

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