How a king size twix and a v energy drink changed my world

Posted by on March 9, 2011 in general thoughts | 2 comments

Today was a tough day, I had a lot to do. This morning I was feeling a bit tired so i purchased said items from the local shop as a mid morning pick me up…

Which worked for a bit, but then I started feeling a bit down and rubbish later on…

I battled on (being busy n all) until finally conceding defeat and going home for some proper food.

It’s only now looking back I realize how blatantly my poor snack choice had affected me, physically and mentally.

Reflecting on things, when I felt rubbish earlier, I started asking some soul searching questions…

Then after good food had kicked in a LOT of things fell into place.

It’s too easy to forget how simple choices can have a big impact, how our environment and the things we do to our body affect us physically and emotionally.

So, i’m going to be making some big changes… i’ll be writing them here as it seems the right place.

And although it’s more public, it somehow feels more personal a space than an update or note on facebook.

There are a few things i should of done a while ago, which I’ve been postponing that I think, finally, i’m ready to do.

Hold tight.


  1. “There are a few things i should of done a while ago”

    Should that not be “There are a few things i should have done”?

  2. Its a blog post not scientifical journl or English essay. I can deal with the odd mistake their sometimes deliberite to wind up my grammer nazi freinds.

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