Bournemouth Spartans Christmas Swim and friends

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Bournemouth Spartans Christmas Swim and friends

This year I got to tick another one off my list:

  • Join the Spartans for their annual Christmas Swim – DONE!

(click the pic for more photos)

Mum joined me for the swim, I think she’s probably not as used to the sea temperature as I am… very proud anyway.

BUT it wasn’t the actual spartans swim… no, for some reason, there were 2 swims.

Well, we arrived, it was cold, we saw one group about to go in, so we joined them. The spartans may of had the mayor and a tv crew but this lot were kind enough to let us join them. They had a bigger group, all I can find out is a news item on McMillan news page (dated 3/11/10) and a justgiving page

If you are these people, or know them, do get in touch. I’d love to see both groups swim together next year, it would of been nearly 50 people!

UPDATE: think I have located a fellow swimmer on FB, have emailed to try and locate the video!


  1. Hi Luke, Just letting you know it was us you did the swim with, I’ve now organised it for coming up to 5 years, this year we are trying to get 100 swimmers to join us. I see you would like it if we joined in as one big swim, unfortunately this will not happen, I see it more fun if we have a rival swim, in fancy dress, purely in aid of raising money for charity, (and having great fun in the process) for that reason only we will not join the Spartans, but hold a rival swim 30 minutes prior to their’s.

    This year we have a few trust members of Macmillan caring locally (which are based in Christchurch dedicated Macmillan unit.) to help boost numbers, as I mentioned above we are hoping to reach to 100 swimmers, and to raise £5,000!

    I hope to see you there!


  2. Hey Tommy, thanks – we’re connected on Facebook now, cheers for the update on 2012 – I’ll help you round up some folks!

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