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Happy New Year everybody, did you make any changes for the new year?

I’m making a few, one of which is a change i’ve pondered for a while – a split in my twitter persona.

@socialtech is now going to be purely web technology based hints, tips and discussion. It’ll also focus more on the startup and Magus things that I’m involved with.

@alukeonlife is for my personal messages, local info and other off topic stuff like #uksnow.

I’ve felt for a while that I needed a split for a number of reasons, mainly:
Some friends were reluctant to follow as the tech stuff made no sense to them and there wasn’t enough personal messages (where I am, what the snows doing, OT articles)… and conversly, whilst no-one had said it, @socialtech had more personal and OT messages than I’d originally intended and as such watered down what I had to offer (especially to people I’ve trained who just want tips etc).

I also had a lot of local messages sneaking into @socialtech which must of been annoying to tech folks who follow me, or people out of the area – these will all now be from @alukeonlife

Both accounts are open and I’m happy for anyone to follow either, @alukeonlife will also be information on my radio DJ alter ego (Luke Dubyah) with details of radio shows and gig dates.

This does slightly dilute the “Luke Williams” brand, but I think it offers the best of both worlds and I’m a big believer that a twitter stream should be useful – keeping it all together, I felt, had reached a point where it wasn’t as good as it could be for either – jack of all, master of none.

And yes… for the astute amongst you, I did used to use @warpsauce for Luke Dubyah messages, this will now purely be tweets about our warpsauce startup. (our music technology based project)

I’d love to know what you think, do you have one identity on twitter? Do you feel sometimes it dilutes your personal or business brand? Maybe you think I should leave it all as one? I’d love to hear from you in the  comments…. or on twitter!

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