robot dance world record attempt

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From the interwebs:

At 12.30pm on Monday 13 July 2009 in the courtyard at KUBE.

We will be attempting to break the official Guinness World Record for the LARGEST NUMBER OF PEOPLE ROBOT-DANCING AT ONCE… and you are invited to come and help us make robot-dancing history!

The official rules are:

– Everybody must be dressed as a robotof some description, so tin-foil hats, cardboard heads, washing machine tube arms, pipe-cleaner antennas and neon clothing are strongly encouraged.

– With the above rule in mind, if you turn up dressed as a human then one of our volunteers WILL ambush you with silver tin-foil – be warned!

– We must dance for at least 5 minutes in a robotic manner.

– You must sign in on arrival so that we have an official count of numbers.

– Please arrive for 12.30pm, we may have a run-through first to get us in the pop-locking mood and possibly require a second attempt, so please allow until around 1.30pm to complete the attempt.

– There will be a ready-prepared routine to follow so don’t worry about choreographing your own routine or not knowing the moves! Just follow our lead! It’s very simple and doesn’t require any dancing experience or skill!

– The attempt will take place in the KUBE Courtyard.

– Please be aware that the attempt will be being filmed by artists and press and photographed and may be broadcast later in public or on television (you can always wear a robot mask if you’re shy!)

– PLEASE BRING FRIENDS / COLLEAGUES / FAMILY / NEIGHBOURS / KIDS / ROBOTS – to break the current record we need 300 people or more. The more the merrier. Recruit passing strangers on your way!

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