more flashmobs and warpsauce

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more flashmobs and warpsauce

Hello! I’ve got this video for you of the t-mobile flashmob in bournemouth square (please note not only did we do a railway station one first, we also did a mob in Bomo square first! Copying swines!!!)

Other stuff… we’re moving full speed on Warpsauce (Ableton Live related project)


Right now, its just an email form and a blog.

But what is ‘it’ going to be?

We’re building a site for users of Ableton Live (laptop performance software) to share and exchange warp files (control files you create to allow you to use files within Live) – it’ll include community approval of files and a few other clever things… but you’ll need to wait for more info on the blog.

If you use Ableton Live, or know someone who does – get them to sign up for a beta invite (July 6th), follow Warpsauce on twitter or read the Warpsauce blog.

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  1. They blatantly stole our idea

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