internet video killed the radio star x4

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internet video killed the radio star x4

Er, I dunno but I always liked that track and its friday so that’ll do!

ross eb tv

1) So, in an odd twist to the day, I was live on earlier Djing… it was kinda funny, it was a test broadcast for Ross EB live from Toko/Suki on saturday but it got bounced around the interwebs and we actually had quite a few viewers! He’s only round the corner and we had it on the office… next thing you know, look mum, I’m on telly!

2) In other online video news:

thanks to Alex

3) And another… Slinky Silent Disco Flashmob – Bournemouth Square 2pm – where white, bring music for your own ears and rave away! (sign up for news of other flashmobs in Bournemouth) – which is being filmed


4) I’m playing for Jellys Last Jam’s 1st Birthday on saturday (free entry in fancy dress – go crazy theme) and yep… you guessed it… its being filmed for issTV.

So. In summary… TV TV kittens TV TV. 🙂

Word on the street is I’m the next brad pitt… either him or McLovin! hahaha

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