a startup contest?

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Last weeks startup meetup was very interesting,we discussed the idea of having some form of startup contest – see Mark Ng’s write up on the contest idea here

In a rough summary:

Incubator idea – full time commitment / funded / fixed end date to contest (3 months?) / launch day where ideas/teams are founded

part time contest – part time teams / sponsored / fixed end date / launch day where teams can find missing members

or some combo of the two, perhaps a launch day where teams could pitch to be in the incubator and then a free for all for any other p/t teams who wanted to compete for the main prize… whatever that was.

Personally, I’m split on the idea… I totally see the commitment side that Mark argues for.. I also think a p/t contest has merits.

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  1. Mark has a fair few comments on the page too, which resonate with the ideas floating round at the last startup meetup. I’d love to be able to be involved, but there is no way i could commit full time.

    So, while i agree that full time has its advantages, I think a part time contest (ie a guarantee of say 2-3 days a week) would be more practical for potential team members, and would thus attract more interest.

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