Alien ear implants

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Well, maybe…

I’ve got this lump in my left ear lobe, its really annoying (when DJing) and quite painful – I can’t work out what it is, so it must be some sort of alien tracking device.

I confirmed this theory, when my friend Adam said he had one too and try as hard as he could, it wouldn’t come out.

Hmmmm…. SO, what are the mystery lumps?

They’re not spots, I don’t think its glass (although when i had a bit of glass in my hand years ago, that’s the nearest similar feeling, I’m pretty sure I’d remember and notice borken glass entering my ear lobe!)… double hmmm…

THEN it was further confirmed when John said he had one too!!!

If I disappear, it looks likely the aliens took me and I’d been tracked by the thing in my ear.

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  1. hey man, when i was 9 i woke up to a bright bluish light beaming in through my window and when i got up the next morning i had lost time or a “blackout period” which after a few days i had a bad ringing in my ear which led to having multiple ear infections. th emost worrysome of it all is that i have a small hole where the top of my earlobe connects to the side of my face and it has a depth of about a half inch, also ever since then i have noticed my body gives off a higher electromagnetic frequency to the point of interferrance with televisions, radios and sometimes different computers or hand held devices. anything else that you need to know im more than willing to provide you with, as well as a picture of the hole that i woke up with in my ear lobe, i only recently tied that experience to alien implantation due to re-occuring dreams i had of a tall reddish brown reptoid creature that spoke to me telepathicly saying only these words ” complete your mission” to then it proceded to peel a portion of my skin off my arm and consume it, immediately after that i woke up and wrote it down as well as drew descriptions of the entity in my dreams. i was mostly wondering if where i practise astral projection as well as the experience i had as a child had anythnig to do with being abducted more specificly if i was abducted by reptillians of some sort. please get back to me with any possible info you may have for me or where i should turn for help.

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