engagement good faking bad

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Mr Sockpuppet (aka Cllr Grower) has been cleared by the standards board, over the sockpuppet issue.

The Standards Board for England found he had not broken the council’s code of conduct as he was not acting for the authority when posting the messages.

The board noted: “The code of conduct applies to members when they conduct the business of their authority.

“In writing under another name for a newspaper Councillor Ben Grower was not conducting the business of his authority or office.”

How is commenting on council projects, by a councillor on a public forum… such as the echo website NOT conducting the business of his authority or office?

Is that to say he could leave racist, or other hate speech online under a pseudonym and that would be ok? Surely not.

Irrespective of the findings, he is a fool. If you are any kind of public figure and you engage with the public in any means you should be accountable for that.

It almost makes me want to write to the councillor and offer him some free training.

Engagement online, 2 points – faking it -10 points.

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