a prodigal cryptic message and an update

Posted by on February 25, 2009 in general thoughts | 1 comment

is colour thunder an omen? I run with the wolves, stand up the worlds on fire. take me to the hospital? Dodge piranhas like a warrior dance cus invaders must die

If you understand the above… then you’ve been listening to the new album from the Prodigy – Invaders must die… or you’re insane, maybe both. in my case, yeah a bit of both, great to see them return to form.. kinda back to their roots album in my opinion.

(BTW thats all the track titles in the length of a facebook status – DORK alert)

Other stuff, just polishing off the speech for my sisters wedding, any tips for the giver-awayers speech? (like… what am I called?!)

New office got its 10MB line today… would of been nice if it had involved less disruption, but the office is nearly all sorted now. march 10th 5pm-9pm for our open evening if you’d like to come down n see us in the Cafe!

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  1. just had first listen today, not as hard as i expected, more vocal, think its a grower….except for Warrior Dance…Awesome track!

    I think the term is Brother of the Bride? Check out this site, has some useful tips..sorry for the long url: http://www.topweddingquestions.com/forum/Wedding_Reception_Ideas_C18/Wedding_Toasts,_Wedding_Speeches_F41/what_should_the_brother_of_the_bride_include_in_a_speech,_particularly_since_he_has_to_also_spek_on_her_fathers_behalf_P15446/

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