When slogans become memes

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When slogans become memes

memes – explained

I love how things grab people’s attention and twist and change into new forms so rapidly on the web.

The iconic 3 colour picture of Obama led to a website allowing you to obama-ize your own picture (US spelling intended Sarah)…

The humanist bus adverts in London went from:

humanism slogan

(as a response to Christian adverts linked to a website that promised non-Christians an eternity of torment in a lake of fire – see orig article here)

To a T-shirt like this:

raving no god

And now a Bus Advert slogan generator, which produces ones like this:

moon and buildings

Quite controversial, but I’m more amused by how these ideas take on a life of their own, far beyond the original idea.

Incidentally, Christian groups are launching bus ads stating that “there definitely is a god..” which, unless they have some proof, is surely against the ASA code?

I’m amused by it all.

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