an expensive weekend

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I went up to London to see a friend and do some studio work… a late night shop stop later and we’d used 2 bags in one hit… damn. (+£2 into the pot)

The next day, earlier on I did have a shoulder bag with me so that was ok… but then again later on our way back from central London to the studio, I weakened into getting a subway (it seemed the lesser of the evils) which was handed to me in a bag before I’d realised… double damn! (+£1 into the pot)

So all in all, I’ve learnt that:

1) I need to always have a bag on me, which is a bit of pain

2) Takeaways are a plastic bag fail trap!

Pot so far is £4… after 12 days… at this rate, I’ll of raised £122 for charity thanks to my own stupidity at using bags. Ooops.

My report card def. reads “Must try harder”.

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