the first failure

Posted by on January 5, 2009 in no plastic bags in 2009 | 5 comments

Jan 3rd… its a cold Saturday night in down-town Bournemouth… no food in the house and 3 young ladies to feed…

Ring up the preferred local take away (Chef Hong Kong) and order a selection of goodies, to collect later.

Happily walk in, pay money and walk away with a brand new plastic bag of take out food… DOH!

So, the fund starts with £1.

Hmmm… this could be an on-going issue, how do I prevent this in the future? Ideas please!


  1. Ask for a box, a lot of takeaways have to pay to have cardboard picked up

  2. If we’re jumping on the recycling bandwagon – is a box any healthier?

  3. use your ‘bag for life’ – available from participating retailers 😉

  4. a box is better, more efficient to recycle card than plastic.. would you want to put a take away in a fabric bag n leak everywhere? hmmmmm

  5. yeah but fabric bags opposed to plastic ones wash ok, just means leaks can go elsewhere! Or you can get one box and re-use it each time, but seens as how the box was going to be thrown away anyway you could just recyle it.

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