its a sad day

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its a sad day

I almost posted about getting a shiny new Sony Ericsson phone this week… oh the excitement mounted and then finally yes, there she was all silver n lovely a new c905.

Quickly the love affair turned sour.

Today I sent her away, to await the new Nokia N97.

So what went wrong?

I should have noticed something was wrong when I didn’t get that, wow factor as I started playing with it.

I’m a geek, so when I get a new gadget, I NEED to be excited about the things it can do that I didn’t know about… really… it didn’t do anything special, apart from allow me to geo-tag pictures with an 8MB camera, instead of a 5MB one. Although as I had GPS on the N95 i must of been able to hack that.

Then things really turned sour when I tried to get my contacts onto the phone, I failed.

After 3 calls to data support. I admitted defeat, I’D FAILED.

(For those of you that don’t know, I used to be the Team leader for Sony Ericsson mobile data support years ago, so this was a crushing blow!)

Bluetooth – FAIL


Orange Sync (despite being on my new handset and still on their website) – discontinued

Setting up a SyncML server – FAIL

That only left, installing nokia datasuite then Outlook express onto my laptop, to then sync my nokia, then install the SE software and then sync the contacts back… but my patience had gone and I’m buggered if I’m going through all that.

There was also the fat thumbs problem, when I pushed the phone (black arrow) due to its lovey curvy edges… and me having fat fingers… the phone would half the time fly out of my hand. doh.

sony ericsson c905

So, I had to have the talk.

Its not you, its me… this just isnt working out… I’m sending you back.

Not sure what to get next, hell no iphone… dont want blackberry to make my internet addiction even worse… maybe the N97 is for me… sob.


  1. Whats wrong with the iPhone ?

  2. Its just pretty, it didn’t do anything new, apart from look nice.

    Camera – Below par
    Call quality – often slated
    Connectivity – took till 2nd version
    Price – over the odds network contract
    Proprietry OS – lame, I want to hack without bricking my product

    I want gadgetry and something different!

  3. I agree on some points, mainly the camera ! However its the only phone that I have ever kept for more than 6 months ! It’s faily easy to jailbreak to OS so you can load up other peoples apps, plus the app store has some excellent products. I’d challenge you to use one for a month then see if it changed your mind…

    Of course there are some major things missing such as Video camera, and MMS – however this can be solved using other methods !

  4. I’m waiting for the N97 ta

  5. Your loss 😉

  6. I should *HAVE* not *of*. Please. You have a degree!!!!!!

  7. Shorry Mis. It was a degre n compooters n stuff like tho so not like grammer and english or nuffink…

    PS Mark – Apples loss

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