moments of clarity caused by insomnia

Posted by on November 26, 2008 in general thoughts | 5 comments

weird, just can’t seem to sleep tonight. Don’t particularly have anything on my mind, yeah i’m working hard and have lots on but nothing thats stressing me out or that would keep me up.

Maybe it was those choc biscuits, do they contain too much sugar or something?

Moving on…

1st random thought, new toothpaste = no ulcers.

Why the bleedin heck didn’t i know this years ago?? A quick google found some evidence that sls (i think it was) may cause ulcers. I changed 2 weeks ago and haven’t had one since… Which for me, is unusual.

2nd random thought. What the hell is the point in written exams? When in real life are you sat in silence in a room, trying to recall info without access to your own data or google? Think about it. When?

Wouldn’t it be better to scrap them for more meaningful assessment of some kind?

3rd random rambling…

Work/life balance is overtaking financial incentives for most people. As jobs for life disappeared the companies are the ones who lost out by loyalty no longer being valued.

The employee response to this is that when a line is reached where the values of the company no longer match their own they look to leave.

Evidence for this is the increasing amount of effort organisations are putting into shouting about their charitable and green credentials. Its not advertising to customers as much as creating a corporate identity that appeals to employees, shareholders and maybe customers.

Hopefully that brain dump means i can sleep now. Ciao


  1. Chocolate has a lot of caffeine in it, that’s prolly why you couldn’t sleep.

  2. what toothpaste? i could do with that. Ibruprofen also causes ulcers.

  3. Yeah do tell about the toothpaste. I hate those little ulcer buggers…

  4. I bought Sensodyne Gentle Whitening Toothpaste after reading on wikipedia about SLS – it was the only one i found without it. No more ulcers since.. maybe its a co-incidence…

  5. ok, i’m now completely convinced that changing toothpaste has fixed my ulcers – normally after a long weekend (ie working at Dusk and not getting in till 6) with missing sleep I could expect at least one… nowt.

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