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I like making New Year resolutions, I keep most of them.. and they act as a good way of giving yourself a kick… as do Chinese new years resolutions… easter plans… birthday resolutions… and… um… Bonfire night bangers (aka resolutions)…

Well kinda.


Presenting the first of my new years resolutions:

1) A Year Without Plastic Bags

Basically, a year… without using plastic bags. I guess exactly how, will evolve as the year goes on.. its going to take practice and skill… having decided I wanted to do this next year, I promptly got a new bag from a shop without thinking… doh!

SO, to make it work, I’ll be donating £1 to charity everytime I use a new carrier bag.

The theory is, I don’t want to use them anymore… but its a habit. A clear goal makes it easier and hopefully by the end of the year… no more plastic bags.

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  1. Wow, my goal for last year was to reduce the number of plastic bags I used…not to eliminate use entirely! Good luck- I don’t know how many times I ended up at the grocery store kicking myself for leaving my re-usable bag at home*hahaha*
    I definitely reduced use though…guess I should buck up now too…

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