To Mo or Not to Mo

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To Mo or Not to Mo

Movember that is..

Still lost?

Every year, the charity Movember encourages guys not to shave to raise awareness and funds for the Prostate Cancer Charity – I blogged about it after seeing it in Oz last year.

Giant Moustache

And see the comments here… Mr Marky P, you said you’d be in as did james (boss permitting)

So, shall we Mo?

It starts tomo… answers on a comment please below.


  1. Hello buddy, funny – I was talking about this the other day ! I think I am still up for it… I may need to confirm with the Bosses at work first, don;t see any probs… Are you game ?

  2. I’m up for it… 2 problems… but I guess without sacrifice there’s no good deed…

    1) I’m giving a talk to 40+ business leaders on 13th Nov
    2) Lucy’s not loving the idea

  3. Similar problems, but game still. Haven’t shaved yet but on a day off so excused! Will see what the boss thinks tomorrow

  4. Go For it!! I’ll sacrifice James’s upper lip for the cause

  5. think i’m out for this year, got too many important meetings and presentations for the new business.

    Next year… Maybe. Or some other crazy scheme to raise money/awareness…

  6. i’m out too, mainly due to having to shave to get rid of wood smoke smell from my face! Am up for crazy fundraising though

  7. Sadly out too… 🙁

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