the weekend of craziness

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Thursday, worked all day (last day) then did the show, packed and drove to Luton.

Kipped in the car for 2 hours, checked in, flew to Poland.

Sat in a car to Elblag, ate some yum polish food (inc. boiled fat with things in it – actually delicious) then chilled out for a bit in the apartment and watched a film.

Sorted tunes out, played to a cool crowd of peeps (quite commercial really but good fun) drank some more, played B2B for the last hour.

5 hours later had to wake up, had a shower, got taken for breakfast in the old town, driven back to Gdansk only to land in… Standsted… bugger.

£77 for a cab?? No chance, national express… £11, winner. Ate a sandwich, sat on a bus to Luton, got the car, drove to southampton.

Had a shower and a well earned magners, trundled off to meet the stag party (a mwah ha ha ha – photos to follow 😉 ) boogied, drank, took some photos, trundled back to hotel, slept.

Breakfast, back to bomo… and relax.

10 hour sleep then onwards with world domination… well, setting up the limited company and all the other stuff.

Watch this space! Pics n Vids to follow too!!

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