i am officially now an adult

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This week i realised that i’ve grown up and somehow become an adult.

You might wonder what prompted this realisation…

There was an exact, very precise moment this week when it hit me.

When i realised i was excited about my new double glazing.

There was a real revelation, i thought about it and on the same day i had them put in i’d also spoken to my accountant to discuss the share ownership of the new venture.

The 3 things just came together, i have an accountant, i’m forming a company and i’m excited by double glazing… Its official, i’m an adult.

But wait… New venture??

Yes, i’m leaving my job this week to set up a company with a couple of people. We’ll be doing training and consultancy in the social networking realm alongside developing web based products, the first of which we hope to release in a moth!

Conventional wisdom would say now is probably not the time to quit a job and found a company… but when was i conventional!

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