Reviewing Social Networks?

Posted by on October 1, 2008 in geeky stuff | 2 comments

I had a discussion today, along the lines of “which social network is right for me?”…

An interesting question, in this instance myspace was probably the offering is music/arts related… it led me to think further… I’ve tried LOTS of social networks and I get asked this quite often – maybe its something I should do on here?

Would you be interested in “reviews” (for want of a better word!) of social networking sites?

Answers on a comment below.


  1. I think social networks reflect the different types of socialising we do in real life, and therefore there is room for many different niches on the web. In life, I have social circles which revolve around friends, and other which are more work-based. Any major hobbies/ interests or niche areas of my life probably involve slightly different networks. It’s the same on the web. Before the “social network” sites sprang up, I’d chat to friends on messenger and email, to work contacts on the phone or in meetings, and for passions and hobbies I’d use forums and blogs. None of that has changed, just the medium. I use Facebook to keep in touch with friends, and people I know socially (none of that 400+ friends business for me, I just don’t know that many people). And I also use LinkedIn for business. I’m sure if I was into music I’d use MySpace, or if I was younger I’d be on Bebo.

    In my mind, it’s a huge world out there and there’s room for everyone. My business is about creating opportunities for my clients to put their message in front of people using those sites. It’s no different from traditional advertising, and in many ways it’s much less instrusive, as it’s relevant and targeted to what people want to see. These sites are (mostly) free so they have to use adverts- and why not, as long as they contribute towards the overall visitor experience?

  2. Even though your post is nearly 7 years old, that question is still getting asked, but it seems to be the other way around. I’ve noticed rather than being asked “which social network is right for me?” I’m having to stop clients going on every one of them, by asking them, “which social network are your potential clients on?”. Not all social media is equal.

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