The Social Web in 10 Slides

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I’ve been invited to give a talk on Thursday to a group of leading local business figures, I thought I’d share with you my slide titles:

The Social Web in 10 Slides

  1. Why Social Networking matters
  2. Overview of the main players
  3. Taking the social out of social networking
  4. Usage and Users 
  5. Monetizing the Social Web 
  6. Case study 
  7. Interest is not Intent 
  8. Do’s n Don’ts
  9. Corporate and Policy considerations 
  10. The future of the Social Graph 


   11. Social Bookmarking – delivering traffic through the social web

I’m also delivering a version of this at an upcoming Intergage client seminar in November.

If you’d be interested in me presenting this to your organisation, (or other related topics) please contact me at Intergage on 0845 456 1022.

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  1. I’m delivering a seminar on the old fashioned type of networking – you know, the stuff where you meet actual people. I’d like to introduce an element of how this crosses over with social networking e.g. facebook, or on-line business networking e.g. LinkedIn. I’d be really interested in anything you have to say, and of course can plug the fact the on-line knowledge for the presentation came from our good friends at Intergage.


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