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What does it achieve?

Almost everyone does it to some degree… from Facebook to LinkedIn, MySpace, bebo, Plaxo…

Its all great n that, being able to chat to the same people in a different way… and re-connecting with people…

Is it really worth all the money floating around in the sector? Ads are largely ineffective, few marketing campaigns achieve any more than “brand awareness”…

blogging, podcasting and vodcasting (youtubing etc too I guess) seem to of matured, tailored and filtered RSS feeds mean you can get a great amount of relevant stuff pushed to you (kinda)… but SN?


All I can tangibly say it does for me, is some promotion (and guestlists) to enhance my DJing… I know that people turn up to my gigs because of SN invites etc and that them doing that means I get booked.

Maybe I’m missing something?

LinkedIn just feels like an untapped resource, well… I guess if I was job hunting again now, it might help… will it increase my consultants profile in a similar way my DJ profile is helped via dontstayin/myspace/facebook…

hmmmmm… your thoughts please, i’m pondering.

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