Moat anyone?

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Moat anyone?

So last weekend, after a couple of beers I think, me n Jay (producer extraordinare) were discussing how funny it would be to have a moat around a normal house… with your own little draw bridge to lower when the guests come round to your bungalow 🙂

I came home yesterday, to find this:

dubyah towers moat
dubyah towers moat 2

A flippin moat n ramparts all the way round my flat! Dubyah towers indeed!

No warning or anything, just come home and ooops, sorry mate did you want to move your car?

Luckily my flat mate didn’t need to move her car and when she did they made her a ramp… which she promptly missed and ended up with a wheel in the moat… and the friendly work men helped the damsel in distress escape… and everyone lived happily ever after… the end.

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  1. Don’t you just love the local council? MK have randomly cut down a patch of trees near us for no obvious reason, but moat is definitely cooler!!!

    How do you get one of those facebook thingies on your blog?

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