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can a week be any more crazy??

3 weddings – congrats to Steve + Tanya / Anna and erm… thingy… / Gav + Maz

1 trip to twickenham – i’ve uploaded the footage of a mexican wave to youtube. England vs Barbarians – good times.

I bought a car – silver ford focus 3 door

started a job – I’m an “internet consultant” – me? know anything about the world wide interwebs? naaah… oh yeah and did almost a 7am start 7pm finish today (inc travelling to hampshire)

literally, my life has been one long crazy in/out sleep/up early run around/drinkin wine n eatin food crazy rugby watching mexican waving roller coaster!

AAaaaahhhhhh, uuuuuhhhh…. thunk

I’ll upload some pics from it all soon here (viewable by anyone)

***** Slinky @ opera house – this friday (june 6th) – Me in Room 2 for yakuji love – 2am till close set – wooooop *****

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