Internet tomfooolery and linkage

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Apologies to anyone who got spam from djdubyah at hotmail dot com… I don’t get how thought… its not an account I use, its closed – needless to say DO NOT VISIT THE SITE, either by typing in the URL or clicking any links.

Odder still, I’m aware of 2 other people whos hotmail accounts have sent out messages… perhaps someone has hacked hotmail? that would be funny… a bit.

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Weird Linkage… I’m still getting lots of traffic for this old post on bullying (by old I mean 2 1/2 years!), although all the hits come from google, I can’t be the only person to of written such an article?

I just tried a few different phrases and it came top, above the BBC! wtf(eck)?

orig article

using the google link: prefix.. it shows, no-one linking to it! The mystery continues…

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