falling off wagons

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falling off wagons

you just have to get back on again!


In no particular order:

The Alcohol Wagon: I won’t be drinking much on nights out, had a few over the weekend.. not a problem, but if I’m going to do the swim again I need all the help I can get… which leads to…

The Exercise Wagon: As well as swimming and bike club, I’ve started exercising again (simplefit) – this one was more pushed than fell..

The TaskFreak Wagon: Every time I get a good plan going, life seems to chuck me a curve ball… as I started to give up on getting a job and work on an alternate plan… I had a load of interviews come up (another one tomo) – my time man. went a bit wonky, trying to fit everything in… getting it back on track now

The Healthy Food Wagon: I’m snacking quite badly, more fruit, less choc :slaps wrist:

Erm… some of that doesn’t make sense… bed now, stuff to do tomo!

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