feeling English?

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feeling English?

st george's cross

It would of been fairly easy to forget today was St George’s Day – I thought it was tomo for some reason – apart from a flag in Yates (gold star) and a few things in the clinton cards window (not at all commercially motivated) oh yeah and fruit man selling red roses (double gold star)… nowt.

Public buildings with 2 flag poles were encouraged by downing street to fly the flag on their second pole today, that something I guess.

I dug mine out and have it hanging out the window.. no doubt people walking by will think I’m a football nut preparing for Euro 2008 (am I right?) or something sporting.

I shall be heading out for a pint of cider later but I doubt many others will. Sad isn’t it?

We’re still scared to be proud of being English I think, maybe..?

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