mixing, ministry and a marriage

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mixing, ministry and a marriage

All in a pretty random weekend, bit more alcoholic than I’d planned but damn good fun.

Spent the weekend working in Chris’s new studio on a tune… this summers anthem I reckon…

the boy in the corner studios

on saturday night we had some drinks and great food with Chris’s cool oz mates and onwards to ministry… tbh, I wasn’t that impressed, all the rooms were very same-y and none really grabbed… still had a wicked time and as with all good weekends, animals featured too… (charlie the cat)


then sunday night, the wedding of Bournemouth legend Mr Jay Rachet to the lovely Debs…. a highlight being when he DJ’d at the end! It was a mini who’s who of Bournemouth legends Bob baker, Mike Artwell, Tony Angus, Storm… and many more… even myself and Chris Bailey too!


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