swimming on the new knee

Posted by on April 9, 2008 in general thoughts, reiters syndrome | 2 comments

It felt different swimming last night, post-fluid draining episode, kind of more flexible but not as strong.

I’m noticing that now I’m more flexible I’m using muscle groups that are weak.

i can kneel down again!!! Just about….

Squatting, nope, but I think that’ll come with time.


for the first time, I felt bendy enough to get out of the pool without using the steps…. dum dum duuuuh!

Only managed 48 lengths as my ankles were really hurting, when one joint feels better it seems my body finds new and wonderful places to hurt.

Despite only doing 48, I did swim a set of 16 so that’s progress of sorts.

In other news…

Thanks to Stu – I now have a shiny new pair of 750GB drives in my RAID array, much needed as my PC was grinding to a halt at times.

I’m starting to formulate an updated plan nout of this mess, coming to terms with the job market being dead to non-existent…. onwards, ever onwards.


  1. I am 3 weeks out with a knee replacement. i sam today for the
    first tme. Did you do drills? How far did you go at first?

  2. mine was after reactive arthritis, I use new knee in the new lease of life sense as this was just after a drain + direct steroid injection. I started off at 20 lengths.

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