Yakuji Lovin’

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Yakuji Lovin’

Yeah baby!!!! It’s official, I am the NEW Slinky / Yakuji Love resident 🙂

yakuji love

I’ll be playing at least 3 more Slinky dates this year and cross fingers some tour dates too.

Oh and I’m the basement resident for SubPop as well. 🙂

The master plan is coming together… kinda.

Focus on good gigs – sorted.
Work on tunes – in progress (had a studio day yesterday with Jay from Species records, watch this space!)

Get day job – not going so well. Anyone with any leads greatly appreciated.

Health – meh… still not right, go back the specialist on thursday, reckon I’ll need physio on my knee… maybe amputate my toes… well, not really but they still feckin hurt.

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