Derren Brown LIVE

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Derren Brown LIVE

Derren Brown

I’ve wanted to see Derren Brown live for ages, I think the man is a genius.

His mixture of trickery and his ability to understand and control the human mind makes for a great show – everyone should go see him.

I’ve always admired the fact that he can out “psychic” the psychics… whilst explaining it’s all rubbish. For me, his Messiah program was one of the best TV shows ever made – he debunked a whole raft of cons in one show. Check it out!

On a slightly strange note, we were sat next to 2 old uni course mates of mine, who I haven’t seen for years… they’d seen my facebook status when I bought the tickets and had decided to go, by chance purchasing the 2 seats next to me. ooooh spooky.

Anyway, I’d give it a 9/10 for enjoyment. Sure if you want to learn how he does all his tricks, you could do so, but thats what I love about it… the magic of knowing its a trick, but it still leaves you thinking… “how the hell did he do that?!”

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