coming out of the closet

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coming out of the closet

It’s time for me to come out and be honest with you all.

I shop at Lidl…


…and I like it.

“I can’t believe you shop at Lidl” (+ look of disgust)

At first, yes, I’ll admit… I snuck in there… simply because my stupid knee and ankle wouldn’t carry me any further and the constant Spar trips were uninspired and expensive. (85p for a can of coke!?)

Snuck is the right word, lets be honest… Lidl has a stigma attached to it, but I think that overlooks it’s charm…

So, here’s my top 5 reasons why I’m lovin’ Lidl –

1) It was one of the first retailers to charge for carrier bags… ok, so I’d always assumed this was a cost exercise but it does encourage re-use so thats good.

2) I love that mystery that comes with shopping in a foreign supermarket on holiday… not 100% sure what you’re going to get… the crazy random cakes… odd flavoured cooked meats… YUM!!! Variety and randomness in shopping…

3) The BEST chorizo anywhere… simply because it’s actually from Spain and not some UK meat factory.

4) The price, its damn cheap for everything. I bought a lovely bottle of wine that I’d drunk in Spain, £2.79! Bargain and much tastier than the generic Gallo or Blossom Hills you get round here.

5) SWEETS!!!! Hmmmm… they have the best sweets, cakes, biscuits and chocolates… I like sweets 🙂 (25p for their choc chip cookies… which taste better than maryland cookies)

No more Asda and Tesco for me… Lidl all the way! Like I care what people think?! Pffft

Luke is a Lidl shopper… and proud!

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  1. I too shop in Lidl and also in Aldi. Great deals on meats for the summer bbq’s and also the pasta stuff and cheese is yummy. Plus where else can you get gorgeous raspberry and mango jam – yum yum yum!!

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