Day 6

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Got quite a lot done, took stuff to the tip (which has been loitering for ages)… had an interview (which went well, although I think they need more of a database guy than I am)… spoke to a couple of recruitment people.

Failed to make time for day 6 (or is it 5?) of the 7 day subplan though.

Ajax is still down the list so no progress to report, arse.

Feeling quite “meh” about it all tbh – as I apply for jobs and talk to recruitment people I’m wondering if maybe I’m not such a good candidate?

I think I’ve got a lot to offer, a wide range of skills, experience and talents… how do I package it up into something that’s appealing? Maybe I’m too optimistic, I should get some basic call centre work whilst perfecting one particular skill… maybe I should just take all the cheesier gigs I’ve been offered or do some call centre temp role?

Meh. 🙁

The good news is that the knee’s feeling stronger, swimming has really helped, ankles aren’t too bad and the feet are a bit better today.

Early night (read a bit of “life of Pi”) then a fresh head for tomo and hack back into the mini-plan and TaskFreak! (Amazing tool)

Overall… Meh.

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