day 4

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day 4

Win some, lose some.

On track with the main part of the plan, the 7 day organising myself clean up… moved everything (to-do list and time diary) into timefreak – awesome open source project man tool.

The aim for me in this part of the plan is keeping track of how long I spend on stuff more accurately than at present – taskfreak + timer plug-in – SCORE!!!

task freak me

Ajax – no progress, lower down the priority scale today.

Audio Bullys… lose. Impossible to sort out with their manager, pffft, few hours lost and a couple of phone calls. Ah well.

Flat stuff – win! All landlords have been served a section22 notice (I think thats the right one) – meaning the gutters and exterior will be sorted, finally!!!

This had been held up because of a sh#te managing agent, who we booted out after some legal fees… then flat 7 got repossessed so we couldn’t proceed till it was sold… which it now is, yay. This is a win because this causes the damp in my toilet (which is why it feels cold, sorry guests to dubyah towers!) AND once its sorted, I can put double glazing in at the back, double yay!!!

Health – mmmeeeeeh. Ankle hasn’t felt great today and the knee got stiff really quickly doing the show, bit worried I won’t be on good form for slinky gig next week.

Onward to tomo, plenty of time to catch up on stuff… chill out in evening, rest the joints… tidy the flat a bit…

Sat + Sun – fully booked, quality Lucy time 🙂

Monday – Interview! Eeek… now how do I get to 3 legged cross…

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