day 2 of 10

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Going good so far, got a lot done, not quite as much Ajax as yesterday but had issues sorting out an interview I’m doing on the show on thursday (Audio Bullys!).

The job hunting, not going so well, doesn’t seem to be a lot around… the same jobs just keep getting re-posted (with skills i don’t have)… at the same time i’m being offered DJ wor left right n centre thast i don’t really want to do anymore – I want to focus on a few good q gigs, not lots of well played more commercial ones… life!

Really pleased with myself tonight, swam 64 lengths!!!! After 50 was hard, almost like swimming with just my arms, i’m 100% doing the swim this year, time to sign up n get the free red hat. 🙂

– more Ajax
– Audio Bullys interview – wooo!
– check job sites (esp reed)
– chase managing agent
– chapter 3 of HTGMD

10 day plan doesn’t include sat + sun btw, need some time off and Lucy comes back then 🙂

PS I’m loving my little badge plug-in I made 🙂

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