the 10 day plan

Posted by on March 10, 2008 in general thoughts | 2 comments

Started today.

Day 1 – planning and gather required resources.
– buy book on Ajax, check.
– buy Fergus O’connell’s latest book (been meaning to for ages), check.
– define specific goals/objectives, check
– read 1 chapter of each book, check

– read HTGMD book from cover to cover (200 pages)
– learn Ajax, develop first web-app by friday, second by day 10.
– apply for jobs
– sort out my longer term goals (new flat etc)
– prioritise things for after the 10day super plan
– prepare for slinky gig (make secret weapons 1 + 2)

Onwards to tomo:

Day 2
– day1 of the 7day sub-plan
– aka how to get more done/prioritising everything after 10 day super mini plan!
– start learning Ajax (chapters 1+2)
– read 2nd chapter of HTGMD book
– chase job apps + check all sites again for new jobs to apply to



  1. You’re starting to sound like a cultist with all this planning all the time. Relax a little – life doesn’t have to be so ordered.

  2. nah just trying to get my life back together now I’m on the mend.

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