stormy weather

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stormy weather

Weeeeeee, I love stormy weather.

For my non-uk readers – monday – wednesday had been predicted as near hurricane force winds, rain and a high spring tide hitting this area.

The oh so exclusive Sandbanks was cut off today (hehe – that house still worth millions??) – the ferry was stopped and the only road in was overwhelmed.

Sandbanks flooded
(pic stolen from DailyEcho website)

I took a walk to the clifftop to have a look, pretty stormy and bits of trees everywhere, you could see from the sand on the road that the sea had come right to the cliff face at high tide.


I couldn’t sleep last night… partly steroids, mainly wind noise and something woke me up at 630am… I thought it was just something (like a wheelie bin) being blown about… on closer inspection this afternoon, I realised a giant bit of tree had almost hit the house!

tree attack


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  1. Hahaha loving the photo of the Sandbanks! Storms haven’t been that bad here so far, I presume we’ve got them coming from you? It was windy last night, but not a lot of foliage damage!

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